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Meet Our Founder


You can rest assured you are in good hands with Ms. Paul.  She has been in the healthcare industry and nursing field for well over a decade and a Nurse Practitioner since 2016 when she obtained her Masters in Nursing as a Board Certified Adult Geriatric Nurse Practitioner & was also inducted in the National Nursing Society (Sigma Theta Tau).  In 2017, Ms. Paul was certified in Pain Management at Harvard where she held leadership roles in the acute care setting.  She received here certification in Dermal Fillers in 2019...specializing in aesthetics and IV hydration.  Prior to becoming an NP, her extensive experience as an Registered Nurse (RN) from administration, to medical surgical units, to Pain Management to the ER has prepared her to bring you the best care, expertise & experience in the industry!  Her love of fitness & hitting the gym 4/5 days per week led to her discovery of the true benefits of IV hydration for performance & recovery.  It was then she knew she had to share this service with others & how KP Drip Bar and Aesthetics was born.

Ms. Paul welcomes all questions and comments to ensure the best possible care and experience.

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About Us: Our Founder
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Pamper Yourself at KP Drip Bar and Aesthetics


Located in beautiful Plainview, New York, our Medical Spa delivers the ultimate you a small break from the rush of daily life.  We specialize in first-class restorative treatments & aim to provide each guest with individualized and innovative therapeutic techniques and quality care and ingredients to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Our team at KP Drip Bar and Aesthetics is here to help you improve your overall well-being with goal-oriented procedures in a private and relaxing environment.  Nurture your body, soothe your mind and discover the health benefits our medical spa offers with our great selection of services.

About Us: KP Drip Bar and Aesthetics

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About Us: Photo Gallery
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